Festival Beauty Essentials / A COLLAB WITH BEKA

Hey guys! I hope you’re all well. Today I have an exciting post for you all, I’ve teamed up with the lovely Beka from BekaDaisies to showcase our top festival beauty essentials! Check out Beka’s top essentials here and be sure to give it some love. She’s an amazing blogger and I’m so happy to be collaborating with her today!

As a little side note you’ll probably need some kind of bag or even a bum bag (very popular) to hold all of your goodies in! Make sure it’s something that will keep your valuables secure too. No one wants to come away from an amazing festival with a missing phone and/or cash!

Okay let’s jump right in! One of my main festival essentials is wipes. Baby wipes are actually a lifesaver especially since you may well be away from a shower for a few days if you’re away camping or glamping as it’s known at some events! Not to worry though you can still keep fresh and clean with these little ones, only 79p at Superdrug!

Not camping and at a day festival? Perhaps you’re staying at a hotel too? You can probably skip the baby wipes in favour of a lush cool shower but if you still want to keep your face in check without over packing then facial wipes are the way forward! You could even take along a mini Micellar Water to really deep clean your face after a long day of rocking out and being a glitter goddess!

I can never go away anywhere without a can of dry shampoo in my bag so of course that’s a favourite too. It’s great at refreshing your hair ready for some more hot festival hairstyles. Space buns and glitter roots anyone?!

Sun protection! No matter how glittered up you are, always prep beforehand and keep your skin safe as it’ll thank you in the long run. My top favourites are a high SPF face fluid which is ideal for use under makeup and then a high SPF lotion along with a lip balm to keep my lips soft and hydrated all day long. Who knows you may even get a kiss?

Having a hat, sunglasses and maybe insect repellent depending on where you’re heading too might also be a wise idea too!

If you still manage to get a little sun burnt then having some after sun to hand is always a good choice no matter where you end up for summer. Even if you didn’t burn, chucking some on at night is such a refreshing feeling and can still do wonders for your skin. My favourite one even helps to prolong your tan! Peeling skin is no fun whatsoever.

When summer rolls around I just can’t resist a good tropical fragrance. Have you tried the Hawaiian Tropics range? They are literally holidays in a bottle I swear. A couple of sprays will get you feeling like you’re in the most dreamiest location. I’m using Tropical Oasis at the moment with Island Coconut & Raspberry Sorbet, delicious!

Don’t forget your deodorant too! More of a staple than a favourite too me!

Get your glow on! The idea of being glowy and using glitter are probably too of most used terms when it comes to Summer and Festivals. I have a few favourites to show you whether you to want to go all out or you’re just a glitter newbie wanting to test the water with a subtle glow. I’ve got you!

Superdrug’s Solait Glow Lotion is the perfect product to add a pearly sheen to your limbs before heading out. It’s more natural looking and perfect for first timers yet it still leaves a noticeable impact. Adding NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator into your face makeup would complete the look nicely. It’s one of my favourite liquid highlights at the moment, so easy to blend!

I haven’t included one but a touch of a bronzing product could be good too! I’m currently using MUA Matte Bronzer powder which I adore, keep your eyes peeled as I will include it in a future post!

All the Glitter! I’m still finding my feet with the whole glitter look but this new product from PaintGlow is a real game changer for newbies and seasoned lovers alike! Its UK made quick drying chunky glitter formula is literally a clear gel with the added sparkles! No more faffing around with loose glitter and glue getting no where, just chuck on this product and you’re ready to party! It’s available in so many different colours (I have Helter Skelter!) and I will definitely attempt a festival makeup look with this.

For loose glitter fans who love a glittery eye make sure you’re using an eye safe product! My favourite is the Body Shop Glitter Dust, again it comes in lots of different colours. I have the little gold pot as its perfect for all season wear.

Finally my last favourites are makeup based. For me personally I like a little coverage and for the nights a bit more impact with a touch of mascara and a good lip. But if that’s not you then that’s okay it’s totally cool to embrace a fresh face. Honestly I’m makeup free most of time too!

BB cream is a great lightweight alternative to foundation and often it can be found with a good high SPF! Superdrug’s Anti Ageing formula has just that and it’s cruelty free. A touch of concealer and some powder and that’s my base ready to go. You don’t need to go overboard if all you’ll end up doing is sweating it off come midday when you’re dancing around having fun!

You can’t beat a good waterproof mascara! Collection’s Fast Stroke Defining Lash has to be one of my most favourite drugstore mascaras. It doesn’t seem to clump and makes my lashes look wonderful. Everyday I keep my eyebrows in check with just a spoolie and some clear eyebrow gel and their good to go, this wouldn’t change no matter where I am so they are both essentials for me!

A good setting spray is always handy to set your face and to give you a quick cooling pick me up! My lip product of choice is a lip balm with a big pop of colour, but with added SPF so you really can look festival ready and stay protected.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my festival beauty favourites. I’d love to know what yours are down below or tweet me @darkintobeauty! Be sure to check out Beka’s post too which is linked at the top!

Have you missed out on my previous post? Check it out here: Reviewing My June Blogging Goals!

Till next time, 💋

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